Village Care Partners

Our corporate partners support Village Care by dedicating resources, staff and time to ensure we can bring
our program to those most in need.



The Betancur Group is the principle force that drives a group of companies in the Entertainment (Haven Entertainment), Consulting (Kucuhead), and Fashion (Kandy Kiss) industries, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Shanghai

The Betancur Group are masters at a unique form of vertical integration emerging in the business world today. They have linked the industries they are involved together, creating collaborations among a diverse group of talent. This unique approach has enhanced the success and sustainability of each company, and added multiples to the bottom line.

The Betancur Groups founder Mauricio Betancur’s passion for helping and giving back has led him to dedicating the resources of the aforementioned companies to enhance Village Care’s work throughout more than 11 countries and 1,200 villages, caring for over 150,000 orphaned children.



As Colorado’s largest locally owned CPA and business consulting firm, EKS&H is committed to relationships, excellence and integrity.

Through accounting and consulting services, they build and earn trust. At EKS&H, clients experience a forward-thinking, creative and collaborative public accounting and consulting firm. The clients and community benefit from their commitment to exceptional quality, passion for people, and a unique ability to see around corners.

EKS&H displays these same values and competencies beyond their business in a commitment that is transforming communities through the work of Village Care International. EKS & H has provided immense time and resources that has led to the care of thousands of widows and orphans, the launch of African led businesses, and the principles of empowerment instilled in a formerly donor reliant people. Throughout the year, staff members of EKS&H can be found in Village Care communities helping further the change by the work of
their hands.


builders financial

Builders Financial is a new kind of Mortgage Company for a new kind of economy. A company where the hospitality and service of yesterday meets the technology of tomorrow.

People, have always been, and always will be our passion. We don’t just say that in word, but prove it in our actions. We have adopted the mandate of “daily contact” that ensures our clients are confident as to where they are in their home loan process every step of the way. While other mortgage companies leave clients in the dark often for weeks without a simple update, Builder’s Financial provides our customers with a loan concierge that takes waiting and guessing out of the mortgage process.

Staff of Builder’s Financial can also be found volunteering with the Village Care International office in addition to the demands in carries throughout the course of a business week. The Builder’s Financial commitment to the work of Village Care was enhanced through staff visits to Nigeria in January, and Tanzania, and Kenya in June of 2013. Builder’s Financial is serving in the role of development for Village Care and its mission is that no community that desires the skills developed through its training would go without it.


Executive Management Solutions

Executive Management Solutions is the gateway to tax and business solutions for those who are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in the market place simply because of rising taxes and increasing business liabilities in the marketplace.

Executive Management Solutions services are designed around professional and enterprise founders who want to maximize profits, minimize taxes, and build a solid fortress of asset protection. Their work dovetails with that of their clients to protect and multiply hard won revenues. Executive Managements Solutions will open a world of tax and business strategies to you that are typically only available to fortune five hundred companies by bringing tested strategies tailored to suit the size and growth of a firm. They are often the first step to real long term secure wealth building that will give clients a realistic track to an exit strategy in five to ten years.

Every staff member of EMS has physically participated in the work of Village Care. Several employees volunteer many hours per week with the Village Care International office to maintain African-American communication and logistics. Many times over the course of a year EMS staff members can as well be found in African villages loving on local Village Care community members, and encouraging in the work that we believe will change a continent.