Get Involved

Our mission is to visit and work with Africans in their own homes and villages. Regardless of your background, we ask only one thing; that you respect your fellow team members and take the work we do seriously, and respect our process. We promise a life changing experience and in return we ask that you allow yourself an opportunity to listen and learn before trying to leap in and solve the problems you will see. VCI U.S. Teams come to Serve, Learn, Observe, Pray, and Encourage the folks who will change your life, even as you change theirs. Whatever your race, religion or creed, you are welcome.

He made a vow not to become absorbed into the ‘system’ of a perpetual cycle of giving that ultimately relieves immediate (and legitimate) needs, but results in sustaining impoverishment more often than sustaining development. As such, David decided to develop a program that was completely out of the box, backwards and radical.

The Details

Team members pay their own way. In keeping with our policy of being a truly volunteer organization our board members and key contributors also travel to Africa on their own dime. Trip Fees vary with the fluxuations in currency, fuel prices, airfare, and other in country contingencies. All funds are applied to work within Africa with a small margin for VCI administrative and logistical direct costs.

  • Pre-Trip Orientation and Information
  • In-field orientation by your hosting African Leader
  • All air and private ground transportation throughout your international stay
  • VCI National Team Leader as your guide along with local project leaders
  • All Accommodations, including meals and accompanying drink
  • Bottled water for the duration of your stay
  • Great Experiences as you observe and assist, working alongside people and projects in Africa

East Africa trips also include a two-night safari, including multiple game drives with opportunities to see the magnificent animals of East Africa. For more information please contact